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As you age, come to terms with a new diagnosis, or recover from an injury, living alone can become difficult or unsafe. If you or a family member needs continual support but doesn’t want to sacrifice their freedom or independence, Baylin Home Care can help.

At Baylin Home Care, we connect our clients with experienced, professional live-in caregivers in Long Island, NY. If you need assistance with personal care tasks like transportation or personal hygiene or are looking for a daily companion to enrich your life, our caregivers can provide compassionate home health care services right in the comfort of your own home. 

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Live-In Caregivers in Long Island

Live-in care means you’ll be supported by the same caregiver daily, so they can quickly learn your routine and establish a relationship with you through one-on-one attention. You will have to provide accommodations for your live-in caregiver, such as a spare bedroom, as they’ll be staying in your own home to provide support.

Benefits of Live-In Caregivers

One key benefit of live-in care is that you won’t ever have to worry about a caregiver missing a shift or gaps in care. Live-in home care is also often ideal for memory patients like those with Alzheimer’s or dementia or patients who are in hospice care. Seeing a familiar face each day can bring a sense of comfort and safety, and live-in caregivers typically allow for a smoother adjustment into home care. 

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Our Caregiving Services

At Baylin Home Care, we strive to accommodate all of our clients with a wide variety of in-home care services, including:

Why Long Island Chooses Baylin Home Care

Baylin Home Care is committed to providing professional, considerate, and individualized in-home care to all our clients in Long Island. No matter what level of support you need, our caregivers are licensed, bonded, and fully insured to offer exceptional, skilled care to every client.

We will work with you and your family to ensure you receive care catered to your specific needs. From helping you find the type of care you need to establishing the best in-home routine for you, we’ll connect you with a caregiver who will meet and exceed your care expectations.

Our Approach

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We understand that hiring a caregiver can be a major life decision, even if it is the best option for you. Baylin Home Care only works with professional and experienced caregivers to ensure that you are connected with someone you can trust to provide the care you deserve.

We value honesty, respect, and consistency to ensure that all of our clients and their family members are completely satisfied with their care. If you or a loved one is in need of live-in care, contact Baylin Home Care today for a free consultation

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