Hospital Sitter Services Long Island, NY

If your loved one is currently in a hospital or rehabilitation facility following an injury or illness, it can be challenging to take the time to be with them 24 hours a day. In cases where your family member is at a high risk of falls or further injuries, it’s important that they receive more attentive and individualized care than most hospitals can provide on their own.


Baylin Home Care provides hospital and rehab sitters for patients in Long Island, NY. Our patient sitters are an integral part of their patient’s safety, offering around-the-clock care to ensure that your family member receives the treatment and support they need to fully recover. 

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What is a Hospital Sitter?

Hospital sitters are often specialized caregivers or home health aides that provide constant one-on-one care to a patient while they are in the hospital. A sitter advocates for patient care, ensuring that the hospital is providing your loved one with the proper treatment, medication, and nutrition during their stay. 

A hospital sitter also keeps high-risk patients safe, such as those who may fall or attempt to remove their IVs or oxygen connections. Patient sitters often improve the outcome of the patient’s recovery by providing the support necessary to ensure that they receive the care and medical attention they deserve.

The one-on-one care from a hospital sitter provides both patient and family with an extra level of comfort. Patient sitters are trained to offer safety and care that family or hospital staff may not be able to provide on their own. They keep a close eye on your loved one and keep you and their physicians updated on any changes in their condition. 

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Hospital Sitter Services Long Island, NY

How a Rehab Sitter Differs

While hospital sitters are typically hired for short stays in the hospital, rehab sitters are hired for more long-term stays in a rehabilitation facility or nursing home. These sitters prevent patient falls or wandering and provide constant support and companionship. 

Like hospital sitters, rehab sitters also focus on monitoring the patient’s condition, offering regular updates to family members, and alerting medical staff in the event of an emergency. 

What a Hospital Sitter Can Do to Help

Hospital sitter services include keeping your loved one clean, safe, and comfortable during their stay in a medical or assisted living facility. Some of the responsibilities of a hospital sitter include:

  • Monitor the patient’s illness or condition
  • Prevent patient falls
  • Prevent patient from wandering or removing IV or oxygen tubes
  • Keep a patient’s area neat and clean
  • Alert hospital staff in the event of a change in the patient’s condition or emergency
  • Contact family for routine updates on their condition or in an emergency
  • Ensure that the patient is receiving adequate medical treatment from doctors 

Who Can Benefit from a Hospital Sitter

While the majority of our hospital sitters work with senior adults, anyone who is in the hospital for a prolonged period of time may benefit from a patient sitter. This can include children, new mothers, those with neurodegenerative or cognitive disabilities, or patients recovering from surgery. 

Many families will hire patient sitters to advocate for loved ones who may not be able to advocate for themselves. You can choose to have occasional check-ins from a sitter, or around-the-clock monitoring and support. While the hospital may be short-staffed or unable to provide one-on-one support, hospital sitters ensure that there are never any gaps in your care.

What to Look for in a Patient Sitter

A good sitter will be compassionate, understanding, and respectful. They must have strong listening and communication skills in order to understand their patient and communicate their needs to medical staff. Depending on your loved one’s condition, they must also have the physical ability to lift your loved one up and assist with mobility tasks. 

Hospital Sitter Services Long Island, NY
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How Much Does a Hospital Sitter Cost?

The cost of your hospital sitter will vary depending on your level of care. Those who require 24/7 support can expect to pay more than those who only need occasional check-ins. Insurance will typically not cover hospital sitters, but this is on a case-by-case basis. Contact Baylin Home Care today to receive an estimated cost for your care. 

Finding the Best Patient Sitter for Your Loved One

At Baylin Home Care, we work with patients and their families to find the best hospital or rehab sitter for your needs. We create a personalized plan of care for all of our patients and will connect you with a sitter who can understand and advocate for your loved one. 

Our Approach

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Rehab and hospital sitters can be a blessing for patients and their families. No matter how extensive your care needs are, our caregivers are available at all hours to protect, comfort, and advocate for those in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities as they recover. 

To learn more about our experienced, compassionate patient sitters in Long Island, NY, or to schedule a consultation, contact Baylin Home Care today.

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